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Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser



Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser is a powerful, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-viral spray, that is 100% biodegradable and has zero ‘nasties’.
A natural sanitiser that’s potent against pathogens but harmless to people, pets and the planet.
This non-toxic disinfectant spray is made from salt-water that has undergone a patented process of electro-chemical activation. The resulting liquid, known as Anolyte, contains hypochlorous acid that destroys all known bacteria and viruses on contact. It does this by penetrating the cell walls of pathogens, killing them instantly.

Hypochlorous acid solution

Spray a generous amount onto hands and massage into skin. Do not rinse. Gently pat off excess with a towel or tissue.
Use as often as needed – This product can also be used as a surface disinfectant.

Manufactured in South Africa
Alcohol free – No preservatives
water-saving – hand disinfectant – eco-friendly
Absolute Organix is South Africa’s leading supplier of natural and organic products. With over 500 lines in our warehouse, including organic foods, premium supplements, natural bodycare and eco-friendly household products. We exclusively represent leading international brands such as Holle organic baby foods (Swiss), Naturata organic foods (Germany) and Garden of Life wholefood supplements (USA). Further to being a certified organic processor (BCS Oko), Absolute Organix have a national sales and distribution infrastructure that has been supplying health and food stores, pharmacies and health professionals since 2004.

Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser
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