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Category: Essential Oils & Carrier Oils

Essential Oils & Carrier Oils

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  • The Oh My Health Thieves Essential Oil Spray is a all-Natural  “all purpose” cleaner, “virus fighter” and ultimate germ killer!


    It’s highly antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-infectious.   One of the MUST HAVE items in any home, office & handbag.


    Ideal for use on as a surface cleaner, window cleaner, use in a difuser, cleanses to protect from dust, mould, bacteria and undesirable microorganisms. Excellent hand purifier!


    It is also highly effective in supporting and boosting the immune system and good health.


    So effective that lots of hospitals are even using thieves oils as a cleaser to disinfect surfaces!


    Dilute 1 to 30 with water in a glass or metal container.




    The Oh My Health THIEVES Essential Oil is a concentrate and need to be diluted. Dilution is the process of lessening the concentration of a solution.

    Essential oils are highly concentrated, complex chemical compounds and should always be treated with respect. Just because they are ‘natural’ does not mean that they cannot do any harm. The definition of Aromatherapy includes the phrase “the controlled use of essential oils”. The word ‘controlled’ should never be forgotten.

    As essential oils are so concentrated they are rarely used neat. Under normal circumstances they are always diluted to 1-3% using a carrier.

    A Golden Rule to remember is that ‘Less Is Best’.

    ALWAYS store essential oils out of the reach of children! Should a child or an adult take more than 5ml of essential oil internally, give them milk to drink (the fat dissolves the essential oil) and seek medical assistance immediately. Take the appropriate bottle to the medical practitioner, as the information on the label may be useful in establishing a treatment.

    Due to the potency of neat essential oils, harm can also be caused if they are accidentally splashed into the eyes. If essential oils make contact with the eyes wash the eyes out with milk or with a vegetable oil. Do not attempt to use water as the essential oil will not dissolve in it. Seek medical advice, taking the appropriate labelled bottle with you.

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