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About the Journey

Celéste Smith

Founder & CEO

You’ll fall in love with our extensive range of non-toxic household and natural skincare products, each meticulously crafted to uphold our high standards of quality. We’re constantly refining our formulas to ensure that you’re getting the very best from nature.

Our ethos revolves around prioritizing your health and happiness. With Oh My Health, it’s not just about products; it’s about fostering a culture of holistic well-being.

Our mission is simple: to empower you to embrace a safer, healthier lifestyle that’s kind to both you and the planet. By choosing our natural products, you’re not only reducing your exposure to toxins but also contributing to a cleaner, greener world. Let Oh My Health be your partner in embracing a more mindful way of living, one natural product at a time.

A Word from Celéste

My journey into the world of Natural Health and Beauty has been a bit of a bumpy ride full of twists and turns and at times even complete U-turns. I encountered many obstacles and challenges along the way that truly tested my courage, strength, and faith.

"My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit-hole than I had intended and, though I dirtied my fluffy white tail, I've emerged enlightened."

Starting in my late teens I was already dealing with a whole host of painful and undiagnosed health issues while most other young people my age was living it up.  For years I was shuttling between doctors and various specialists who all had their own theories about what could be wrong with me, yet none were able to give me any real answers, correct diagnosis nor proper treatment. I was exhausted and frustrated with a condition that had completely taken over my entire life.

After many drugs, more doctors and hospitalisations I was finally diagnosed with Graves’ Disease: an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid.

Finally, an answer! I now had something to work with. However, after spending years in pain and discomfort I was no longer content with the “drug, cut or burn” approach taken by so many doctors these days that often only deal with the symptoms of disease and not the cause. I wanted more than just the drug treatments doctors could offer me and thus I began my journey into the world of Natural Healing and Living. By finally acknowledging that I had the capacity to play an active role in creating optimal health within my body and mind, I was inspired to approach Dr Cherice Baker a very special homeopath, that started me on an all-natural treatment that not only treated my symptoms but the cause of the disease.

What I have come to realise perhaps most profoundly on my journey back to health is that the human body is the most valuable thing we will ever own and more importantly is what you put in is what you will get out – every single time.

If you want to make your outside life better, including enjoying a healthy body, the only way to accomplish this is to change what is happening on the inside. Everything in our lives is a mirror of what is happening within us.

Now that I have healed myself, I want to pay it forward. It is my intention and passion to help others discover new, safer, and healthier ways to stay holistically beautiful, sustain optimal health and live healthier, happier fulfilling life’s. Because it is through removing and preventing disease with the assistance of Mother Natures goodness that burdens of illness is lifted, so that you have the opportunity to experience life through your true nature which is naturally healthy, free, creative and loving.

It is a fact that our world has become a toxic soup. We are exposed to toxins and non-essential heavy metals on a daily basis not only through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the tap water we drink but also through rubbing and spraying toxic stuff onto our skin, hair and body. It is impossible to avoid all the toxins in our environment however with adequate information, tossing toxic commercial beauty and body care products for safer, healthier, and more natural options you can avoid many of them. 

At Oh My Health we take a healthy and balanced approach to health and beauty with the assistance of Mother Earths natural goodness.  Our products are all natural, pure, and hand-made for people who care about the wellbeing of themselves, their family, and the planet as a whole.

Whether you are new to natural and pure skin and beauty products or are an ‘old timer’ we are sure you will find some if not many products of interest in our online store, that you are sure to fall in love with.

With love


Oh My Health