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Frankincense – An ancient & exotic essential oil every household should stock.


Like acupuncture, aromatherapy (the use of Essential Oils for healing) has been in use for more than 6 000 years. Its origins aren’t completely documented, but there is enough evidence to show that aromatic essences have been used for healing over many centuries.


One of my favourite essential oils is FRANKINCENSE! I believe that frankincense oil is one of the top essential oils you can use for your health on all levels.  There are a number of reasons to admire this ancient oil that has so much therapeutic and healing value. 


Frankincense, also known as olibanum, comes from the Boswellia genustrees, particularly Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri.


Before, I however introduce you to the healing elements of this ancient healing oil, I want to share its history.


Fragrances have been an important part of rituals and meditations for ages in every culture around the world. One of the oldest medical documents known to man dating back to 1500 BC recorded the use of Frankincense oil by physicians and priests alike for the treatment of disease and illness.


Biblical References:

The Bible makes many references to aromatic oils and Frankincense is the most referenced oil in the bible. The word frankincense appears 17 times in the King James Bible. Though incense is mentioned 113 times and it is often assumed to imply frankincense along with myrrh and other spices.


Here are just a few specifically relating to Frankincense:


In the Aquarian Gospel 74.3, Jesus Christ is said to have used aromatic oils (“others he anointed with a holy oil”).  Frankincense and myrrh were taken as gifts to His birth by the Three Wise Men.  Moses is credited with taking sweet spices with pure frankincense and making a perfume.  The Song of Solomon contains poetry that makes references to myrrh, spikenard, cinnamon, frankincense and aloes.


Egyptians used it as incense but also in perfumes, healing salves, insect repellent, eyeliner, and mummification techniques.


The Middle Ages

During the Great Plague of the 17th century, pine and frankincense were burnt in the streets, perfumed candles were used in houses and hospitals and garlands of aromatic herbs, spices and resins were worn around the neck in an attempt to combat the Black Death. It has been reported that those frequently in close contact with the aromatics were virtually immune.


It was of great value then and even now the difficulty in sourcing makes it one of the more expensive essential oils. Gum resin from trees in Oman, India, Somalia and Yemen and other areas of North Africa yield much of the worlds Frankincense.


Ancient ritual usage and modern research confirm that frankincense has relaxing effects on the human body including uplifting mood and heightening awareness. These antidepressant properties can be achieved through various diffusion techniques and topical application including various forms of massage.  


The many different scents were believed to elevate users to different states of consciousness of which Frankincense is one of them.


PROPERTIES:  Antiseptic, astringent, immunostimulant, analgesic, anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, balancing, cicatrizant, galactogogue, relaxing.



The oil is extracted from the gum resin of the tree via steam distillation



Can be used for arthritis, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, muscular pain, cell rejuvenator, wrinkles, czema, boils, pimples, scars, stretchmarks, thread veins, catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, depression, agitation, Inflammation Buster, Fade Scars – After a wound has healed, frankincense can help fade scars, Stress Reliever, Immune System Booster, Mood Booster, Reduce Swelling from Insect Bites, Promote Sleep, Eliminate an Itch, Wrinkle Reducer.


Frankincense oil helps in soothing and calming mind, slowing down & deepening breathing as well as in use when meditating. It calms anxiety, clears lungs and assists with asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, laryngitis, coughs/colds. It rejuvenates ageing skin and is effective with wounds, scars, sores, carbuncles and skin inflammation.


Frankincense, considered as food for the gods, used for purification, consecration, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, help overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, compassion, pranayama.  Frankincense has long been used in spiritual ceremonies for its mysterious properties, awakens intuition, removes negativity from your aura field – apply on the temples and third eye. 


Potential Cancer-Killing Properties of Frankincense:

New research, like the University of Leicester study, has recently suggested that frankincense’s disease-targeting power may be even more encompassing than previously suspected. Successfully linking AKBA as a potential treatment for brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate and stomach cancers, research trials are filling medical journals like Carcinogenesis and PLoS One about boswellia serrata’s cancer-targeting prowess.


According to researchers out of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, the potential cancer-killing properties of frankincense are due in part to it regulating cellular epigenetic machinery, which highlights its ability to influence genes to promote healing.  Baylor cancer scientists emphasize that this potency makes Boswellia a viable candidate for both cancer prevention and treatment.



Frankincense oil blends well with carrier oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil or shea butter.



Blending is the name given to the combining of one or more essential oils, usually with a carrier. Oils are blended to create a mix with the desired therapeutic properties, the required perfume or both.


Frankincense can be combined with other essential oils depending on the benefits you’re seeking.



lavender, myrrh, camphor, citrus oils, basil, geranium, sandalwood, thyme.


METHODS OF USE: massage, compress, bath, diffuser, lotions/creams, tissue/handkerchief



Skin care: 

This oil is also well suited to help with skin conditions.  It is a mild oil that in most instances can be applied directly, if necessary.  Help with acne to wrinkles, cuts and wounds to reducing scarring are all mentioned by those that have used this essential oil.  Most practical for skin application is to make a 4% to 6% dilution with a carrier oil or a similar dilution in an ointment.


Combine it with a carrier oil to help moisturize, reduce the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and fade scars and stretch marks.


As a bug Repellent:

Frankincense has long been used to drive away mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. Mosquitos don’t like it.  Burning it keeps these bugs away.


In the bath: 

Aromatic baths have been a source of pleasure and therapy for thousands of years. The earliest means of perfuming a bath was to tie together bundles of aromatic herbs or flowers in a cloth and add it to the water.


These days, with such a range of essential oils available, creating a cleansing perfumed bath is even simpler. However, as with all aspects of Aromatherapy, there are still important safety considerations.


Some essential oils can be used undiluted in a bath but great care must be taken. As they float on the top of the water, they make direct contact with the skin and so may cause irritation.


The majority of oils should be diluted before adding them to the bath water. They can be diluted in:

  • a carrier oil

  • non-fragranced hypoallergenic bath/shower gel

  • milk or vodka

When used in a bath, essential oils should be diluted to 2.5%, i.e. 3 drops in 6ml of carrier.



To soothe sore muscles or body pains, add a few drops of Frankincense to a carrier oil, and rub where needed.  Quite apart from the obvious relaxing experience and sense of well-being derived from massage using essential oils, the inhalation of essential oil is known to influence our emotions and state of mind.


Frankincense diluted with massage oil you can experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, which can be made for aches and pains, chest congestion, immune stimulation or simply for relaxation.


A full body massage only requires 20-30ml of blended oil. Store in the smallest bottle possible (amber or coloured glass, but not clear glass or plastic).



Promotes the silencing of the mind and slows down the body. Frankincense oil has a meditative action.


To use essential oils in meditation, you have several options:


You can anoint yourself (try the third eye). You can create a mist (mix oils with water in a small spray bottle) and spray the fragrance in the air, or you can use a diffuser.


I’m personally a fan of putting the oils on my body, particularly the third eye point. You may find a combination of methods work well.


During meditation practice, Frankincense essential oils can help create an atmosphere conducive to quiet relaxation that can help you transcend the details of day-to-day life, transporting you to a place of inner peace.


Frankincense, A holy fragrance if there ever was one, it’s believed to help you increase your faith and connection with spirit. Aids in meditation, fortifying and quieting the mind Frankincense lifts the spirits, encourages feelings of well-being, produces heightened awareness of spiritual calm, reduces tension, and gives strength.


Balancing Meditation Blend

10 drops frankincense

10 drops mandarin

20 drops cedarwood

5 drops rosewood

2 drops vetiver

Add to an aromatherapy diffuser before starting your meditation


Irrespective of how the essential oils are administered, the ways in which they affect the recipient can be divided into the following categories:


ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL, essential oils are a most potent form of herbal energy. They are antiseptic and immune system stimulants. They are also effective for daily first-aid, e.g., for bites, itches, coughs and cold.

ON A CELLULAR LEVEL, essential oils are good for healing wounds, repairing scars, stimulating tissue and regulating the barrier between our inside and outside worlds. They help maintain optimum moisture level in skin and protect it from infection. Geranium and lavender are examples of oils that work on this cellular level.

ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL, they stimulate both conscious and subconscious memories, basic drives and hormones. They are effective in dealing with depression, grief, low self-esteem, and improving sleep as well as stress-related disorders.

ON AN ENERGY LEVEL, they can be applied to acupuncture meridian points, Lielluli and subtle energy points to help healing.

ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL, essential oils have been used by every major culture and society for over 10,000 years. They have been used for rituals, prayer, purification, magic, mysticism, celebration and meditation. Many people believe that essential oils can bring focus and deeper meaning to our existence.



The first step to ensuring the quality of the oils is to purchase them from a reputable supplier.  The label should be indelible and should give information such as the botanical name, country of origin, supplier’s name and address and a batch number. If the essential oil is diluted in a carrier the percentage of the mix should be quoted, along with details of the carrier. Another important safety benefit gained from buying oils from a reputable supplier is that they will not supply hazardous oils, so you gain even more peace of mind.


I personally prefer ordering my aromatherapy oils online from Feelgood Health as they stock Soil Organic Essential Oils WHICH IS 100% certified organic essential oils.


Soil Organic Essential Oils contain NO petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances or colorants.




Feelgood Health Online Health Store offers natural cruelty-free, environmentally friendly remedies, supplements & vitamins for adults, children, babies and even your family pet!


Order your Organic Essential Oils ONLINE HERE to make your experience more convenient and reduce the amount of time shopping.



Once you have purchased the essential oils look after them! Due to the chemistry of the oils, they should be stored in their coloured glass bottles in a cool, dark place. This will help their shelf life. On average a bottle of essential oil should be used within one year of opening, or two years if stored in a refrigerator.



To date, there are no reported serious side effects of using frankincense oil.  However, I always advise doing a spot test first, to check if you have any sensitivity to this oil.



Essential oils are highly concentrated, complex chemical compounds and should always be treated with respect. Just because they are ‘natural’ does not mean that they cannot do any harm. The definition of Aromatherapy includes the phrase “the controlled use of essential oils”.  The word ‘controlled’ should never be forgotten. An important safety issue, highlighting the importance of the controlled use of essential oils, is that of quantity.


As essential oils are so concentrated they are rarely used neat. Under normal circumstances they are always diluted to 1-3% using a carrier. A total of 6 drops of oil per day, preferably of different types, is considered safe.


Frankincense essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing moms, as it acts as an emenagogue and may induce menstruation, which may be dangerous for an unborn fetus.


For further safety tips please refer to my website:  www.journeywithinu.com


A Golden Rule to remember is that ‘Less Is Best’. Another Golden Rule that helps to maintain the safety of Aromatherapy is ‘Use Quality Oils’.


DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read.





As with any product, if a rash appears, discontinue use. Should a severe dermal irritation occur as the result of neat essential oil making contact with the skin, dilute it with vegetable oil. Wash the skin with unperfumed soap and water and then dry it. Seek medical advice, taking along the appropriate bottle.


In case of accidental ingestion:

Should a child or an adult take more than 5ml of essential oil internally, give them milk to drink (the fat dissolves the essential oil) and seek medical assistance immediately. Take the appropriate bottle to the medical practitioner, as the information on the label may be useful in establishing a treatment.



Essential oils must be treated with care. They are volatile and flammable, so keep them away from naked flames and strong sources of heat. They should also be kept away from homeopathic remedies as some strong oils may negate them.


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Frankincense – An ancient & exotic essential oil every household should stock.
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